Packing for a trip

Everyone knows that Russia is awfully cold country, where you have to drink a lot of vodka to survive. Actually, that is a little bit wrong, except if you are going to Siberian tayga's or Far North . The average year temperature differs across year from -50 °C (-58.0 °F) to 40 °C (104.0 °F). Astoundingly, isn't it? Nothing special, considering the size of Russia.

Most part of foreign visitors choose major cities for their trip, like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk. Top universities are also located there.  

Tip: if you are going to Russia as a student, taking some warm clothes and waterproof boots wouldn't be an excess. Don't believe summer hot temperatures, it may change to extremelly cold at November. 

OK, this is not a fashion blog, so far I am going to write about needed documents! I hope that you have already picked up your passport with visa from embassy, bought a ticket and ready to go. 

Very important: take your meds. Not all of the medical supplies available in pharmasy of your country can be found in Russia. It may have another name and slightly different structure.

If you are a tourist, all you need is your passport with visa, tourist vouchers, policy and money for shopping etc. For people who are going to study or work, that list is longer. 

Student will also need:

  •  School Certificate with notarized translation to Russian
  •  Passport with notarized translation to Russian
  •  Medical vaccinations list (better to have it, but not requied)
  •  Native language to Russian language dictionary. Some words are really hard to explain by posing a pantomime
  •  Money. Arrived student will have to spend money for purchasing a special policy, housing rent, buying winter clothes. Better to take more, than get in trouble in unfamilliar country. 

Worker will also need:

  • Diploma
  •  All certificates of taken courses which may be useful in your work.

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