How to choose a university in Russia?

If you have already searched for suitable university for yourself, you might be faced with a quantitative problem. Huge variation of institutes, high schools, colleges and academies may embarrass you, but don't give up! Nowadays, there are a lot of useful websites aimed to help you make the right decision. 

First and primary website is Education in Russia. You can choose your native language at the top of the page. Navigation is quite easy, and the the main advantage of this website is full educational institutions list in alphabetical order. This section is divided into subs (higher and secondary education institutions, terms and conditions for foreign applicants and special sections for general information about most popular Russian universities, like Moscow State University, 
St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Voronezh State University).

There is also FAQ page with division for CIS countries and Foreign countries.

If you have chosen a  certain university, you should go to it's website. All major education institutions have an opportunity to go to the English version of webpage. 

As you can see, you can easily find any information about admission, needed documents, programs, faculties etc. There is also a mailbox, but you may not get an express answer ;)

Last but not least is Rossotrudnichestvo portal. There is some useful information, too. Every year Russian  Ministry of Education allocates a quotas for free education in major universities. They are realized through the Russian Embassies on the competitive basis. It means that you may study in MSU for free! Isn't that good? Try your luck.

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