How to get a quota for Temp residence permit (RVP) in Russia

Getting a quota is like winning a lottery or competition. You have to convince FMS committee that they should pick exactly YOU, and give a desired quota to YOU. 

Which tips may help you get a RVP quota? 

Firstly, Russian language knowledge. If you don’t speak, don’t understand Russian at all – you are out. I think, that non-speaking persons are not interested in getting Temp residence permit, so they can’t be found reading this article. But still – knowledge is very important. Also, from January 2015 every applicant should pass a test about Russian history, law, orthography and spelling – in Russian, of course. You don’t have to pass this test if you have a Russian diploma (if you have studied in Russia you may feel happy now :-) ). 

Second important thing is having Russian relatives. As you may know from previous article about RVP, you don’t need quota if you have husband, child or invalid parent with Russian citizenship. But if you have a grandparent, uncle, or beloved cousin who is also Russian citizen – you should definitely point it in quota application form. It is a good support in some cases. 

Owning a real estate in Russia is also a good support. You'll need a place to register for three years after getting a RVP. If you're unable to buy a flat or a house yet, you can add guarantee letter from your current landlord. 

Having a legal job is a very good benefit in getting quota, especially if your employer would write some guarantee letter about you. Longer work experience can show FMS committee your reliability.

Currently being a student in Russian educational institution is not so influential, but still better than nothing. Students are getting quotas too, if they have showed their high Russian knowledge.

Nowadays, getting quota is kinda hard because of military conflict in Ukraine – most of quotas are given to refugees. But you can try without giving up! Everything is possible. You can apply for a quota every month, even if your application has been declined. Good luck!

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