How Syrian refugees may claim asylum in Russia?

Let's talk about the possibility of claiming asylum status in Russia, why it is hard to get and what you need for claiming.

There are three forms of asylum status in Russian Federation: Political AsylumRefugee and Provisional Asylum. You can read about them on the official web-page of Federal Migration Service of Russia. Unfortunately, English translation is missing. I'd say that Provisional Asylum is the simplest for claiming, because others are literally impossible to get.

"Thank you, Russia"
The hardest clause is that you can't claim asylum until you get to the country. Russia is far away from Syria, so you can't reach it by boat or your legs. Distance from Damascus to Moscow is approximately 2440 kilometers and you need to cross many other countries to get to it.

Syria thanks Russia
Second moment is the preponderance of Ukrainian refugees in Russia, who came there after Donbass military conflict. Provisional Asylum status isn't endless, it has limits, and most part of it is already given to them. Ukrainians don't need visas to entry Russian Federation, and Ukraine is Russia's neighbour country. They also know Russian language better, than Syrians. You must know it to live in Russia, not many people is ready to talk with you in English.

Donbass refugees
Russia host Syrian refugees nowadays. Christians and muslims came to some Causases republics. There are some Syrians in Moscow, too. But most part of them came to Russia in 2011-2012, when military conflict just started. Some people don't come to Russia, because refugees won't get any financial aid or housing. You'll have to work to survive. Finding a job for foreigner is very difficult.


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